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Friday, January 19, 2018

Alternative beach hunting tips

Here are a few beach hunting tips for people keen to know what it takes to find the big one.
That find of a lifetime may be a Spanish treasure ring or Templar cross, it could be a Rolex or an expensive diamond ring, whatever you are searching for the following tips may help you find it.

Find your own beach hunting style

My advice to anyone new to the hobby is to read your metal detector manual several times, including studying and practicing the basic search techniques normally printed towards the end of the manual.

The more you figure out yourself the better, avoid copying other people you see metal detecting at the beach as a surprisingly high number of beach hunters do not know what they are doing because they have not bothered to read the manual.
Go out there and be your awkward best at first, what comes after is what will work for as you adapt.
Copy others and you may end up with other peoples bad habits and set yourself back, you may also get into the bad habit of searching the same site or area all the time by following others.
Not being a stereotypical beach hunter will help you become a hardcore beach hunter over time.

Think like a beginner

In my opinion there is no such thing as beginners luck, good finds are recovered because of inexperience.

Beginners want to find stuff, any stuff and they are prepared to search anywhere to find it.
They search areas of the beach a more experienced beach hunter often overlooks, water hunters do that all the time by not searching on the beach.
There are plenty of stories of people who bought a metal detector and found fabulous treasures in the most unexpected of places, they found treasure because they tried somewhere different.
Beginners will often stick around in one place, instead of marching off down the beach looking for somewhere better.
Treasure is often where you find it and it is certainly not in the same spot every time as many experienced beach hunters mistakenly assume.

Be a positive beach hunter 

I can never understand the negative nellies in metal detecting, people who say its not possible to recover something like that, its too sanded-in to find anything, its over hunted, negative people always finding an excuse as to why someone has more success than they do.

We have the best hobby in the world, out in the fresh air getting exercise and one dig away from recovering a find of a lifetime, whats not to like?
I have always believed positive things happen to positive people so when I hit the beach I am excited to see what I am going to detect and recover.
I am not interested in who us finding what and where, just what my share is going to look like.
After putting my time in with any metal detector I like, I am pretty positive I will not miss anything within detection range.
That confidence in skills and metal detector is a heck of an advantage over people not confident they are going to find something and without full confidence in their metal detecting equipment.

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