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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Read between the beach hunting lines

Site reading skills fill finds pouches and pockets with stuff a beach hunter is searching for.
You can follow surf charts or waste time waiting for second hand beach reports, but every beach has something to find when you know the sites within a site to search. 
One easy way to combat sanded-in or less than ideal beach conditions is to search for previous high tide lines.
Often referred to as "Coin lines" in beach hunting terms, previous high tide lines can hold jewelry coins and artifacts at sites with a little history.
Just because you cannot see previous high tide lines does not mean you cannot locate and recover stuff from these productive areas of the beach.
A loose W or snaking type search pattern will help you find previous high tide lines that are now sanded over.
Remember to keep glancing behind you while searching at the beach to see if holes you have dug line up, stop and go back over any area that looks like it could potentially be a coin line.
Look for obvious high tide lines containing seaweed or shells left high and dry, a dead seabird or even a bottle half buried in sand may be a clue, talk about a message in a bottle. 
I have always found the best coin lines (Previous high tide lines) to be mid beach or higher at tourist type beaches. 
The reason being most robotic wet sanders and water hunters only search the lower beach and water at heavily hunted beaches.
Meaning any previous high tide line (Coin line) will have been ignored quite some time even at the most heavily hunted beaches.
Notice how coin line and previous high tide line are one and the same as I go through todays blog entry, because they are.
Anytime you dig up a few targets out of a different matrix to the surface sand it is a good sign, it could well be a more compact line of shells from a previous high tide line that has been covered over for a long time. 
I like to look at the beach as if its a push penny arcade game, where have the gold rings, coins and artifacts been pushed to and waiting to drop for me.
Find those hidden and not so hidden lines at the beach my beach hunting friends and you will often find what you are searching for. 

Four of these expensive diamond rings were recovered in previous high tide lines I searched for, fortune favors the beach hunter with site reading skills. 

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