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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Two good indications for a beach or water hunter

I always want to get a feel for the potential of a site when first starting out searching, clues that indicate my beach or water hunting chances. 
The easiest indicator is the sand I'm moving over, does it have the potential to hold jewelry or coins ?
A hard packed sand, shell or mud bottom are good signs, but anything I detect normally gives me the final say on a site.
If I recover coins I'm a happy camper because coins in an area are signs jewelry could also be present.
Even the size of coins can be a good indicator,  tiny denomination coins in many countries can be easily missed by sloppy beach or water hunters. 
Large denomination coins would not be around if the site had recently been searched, or searched correctly. 
The same can be said about aluminum pull tabs or can slaw, unless you are following  someone who is purposely dropping junk instead of removing it from the site.
Not many local beach or water hunters do that, knowing they will probably detect the same junk again.
Toy cars and fishing weights are good finds to me, more objects not left behind by serious local beach hunters.
They say one persons trash is another persons treasure, one persons trash often leads to another persons treasure in my opinion.
Although I use a VLF metal detector and a little discrimination, I only reject junk targets that have a high probability of being unwanted pieces of trash. 
Detected targets like nickels, aluminum pull tabs and lead fishing weights, would never be around if a site has already been searched correctly, especially at heavily hunted sites.
Firm ground and easy to detect large denomination coins should always tell you to stay and search an area.
The more attractive a piece of metal is to detect at the beach, the more likely that metal would not be there.
I never look at conductive junk or non valuable targets as disappointing recoveries, I look at them as indicators about the site I am searching. 
Can you see the good site indicator in this photo of a platinum and diamond ring ? 

Its the rocky bottom below the water helping to trap lost jewelry in place until I put my CTX 3030 search coil over it.

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