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Monday, July 3, 2017

Independence day beach and water hunting preparations

All my American beach and water hunting friends are hopefully charging their metal detector batteries, ready to hit the beach in search of treasure.
Beaches are normally very busy on the Fourth of July holiday, after all it's a great place to watch the fireworks. 
I am sure I will run into some stiff competition for gold at the tourist beach I decide to search.
My usually holiday beach hunting plan is to hit the best beach I know that gives me the best bang for my buck, jeez look at me with the American sayings lol 
I have already scouted a few locations out to make sure the beach or water hunting conditions will be favorable for finding something of value.
This is one of the few times I actually do check the tide times and weather forecast a couple of days in advance.
I've taken street closings and parking into account, my batteries are charged and I'm ready to sweep and roll.
My jewelry hunting vacuums  of choice will be the Minelab CTX 3030 and a back up
Excalibur II, two excellent discriminating VLF metal detectors.
Good luck to the pulse induction metal detector users, or the reverse hunting VLF guys, with a beach full of sparkler wires and foil fast food wrappers.
Dig it all, yeh right not the day after fireworks at the beach.
The only fireworks I want to see are from jewelry dazzling in my scoop, not sparkler wires.
Earlier in the year I prepared the same way for a big event taking place at a busy tourist beach, these photos testify friends don't let friends drink and wear gold at the beach.

This is perfect lead into why you don't always have to be the first person hitting the beach with a metal detector after an event has taken place at a beach.
You just have to search an area correctly and know your looking for stuff missed by speedy beach hunters trying to cover the whole beach.
Move juice packets, fast food wrappers and tin cans, other people metal detecting will avoid and move around just in case they are masking something good, hint hint! 

Searching during or after a crowded beach event are the times it pays to be ready, well prepared beach hunters recon, planning and preparations pay off. 
If you have the choice, are you going searching for a big find at a less crowded but more affluent area or searching for more finds in worker bee areas? 
Search coil options are another thing to take into account, I prefer to stay away from using really large search coils when expecting to run into a lot of trash at the beach.
I also don't narrow my beach and water hunting options by showing up at the beach dressed to do one thing, as many water hunters do.
Preparations and options are a beach and water hunters best friends at crowded beach events.
Have a safe and lucky Fourth of July.

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