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Friday, July 7, 2017

Lines in the sand

Here's a little trick I use after a crowded beach event or national holiday, but it often works any day of the week at heavily hunted beaches.
I use knowledge of local beach and water hunters to my advantage, by knowing where they like to search and also the times they like to search.
The majority of local beach and water hunters do the same things  every time they go to the beach, so the majority of so called competition are easy to read.
Reading a beach should also include reading people using the beach and the competition searching the beach at heavily hunted sites.
Knowing one local beach was very crowded on July 4 th, I searched the outskirts of two  areas everyone likes to metal detect at.  
I posted a handful of rings the other day and yesterday I travelled to another beach and added to the tally with another gold ring and two gold earrings.
Knowing the search habits of two full time water hunters who camp out at this tourist beach, I figured they would still be searching the same two heavily hunted areas the same way.
As expected I struck Klondike just beyond the invisible line on the beach and in the water tourists do not cross opposite two popular parking lots. 
When you know the habits of local beach and water hunters, you often have other areas all to yourself, the reason I don't complain about beach or water hunting competition. 
It's good to know the places to avoid and the places to invest your time.
I often leave a lot of the beach to other people swinging metal detectors, and put my time into cleaning out areas outside or just beyond areas I know are ignored by other hunters.
The next time your thinking of turning around at the beach and searching back towards where the people are, think about water currents and people who are not into sunbathing or swimming in crowded areas.
Water currents push or move jewelry and coins along the beach, people do use the beach and water past the last line of sun beds. 
Just two reasons why there are no lines in the sand when it comes to beach or water hunting. 
Don't fight over sloppy seconds at the beach, get the good stuff left behind by others not willing to cross invisible lines in the sand.

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