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Monday, July 10, 2017

Site and target specific

The title of today's blog is my usual reply to people who ask me what is the best metal detector to buy for beach hunting.
The best metal detector to use is the one that suits the sites you search and best detects what you are searching for, period! 
Once you get used to these two cold hard facts about beach metal detecting, you can choose the appropriate beach treasure hunting tools and find some return on your investment. 
I have used the same type of equipment for a very long, which I know like the back of my hand.
There are a few more metal detectors designed for beach and water hunting, but I have yet to test and find anything better than the metal detectors I use.
Trust and comfort are two words you also don't hear a lot about when it comes to your beach hunting equipment.
Trusting if what you are searching for is in the area your metal detector will detect it and you just feel comfortable using your metal detector of choice.
When perfect beach hunting opportunities come along or I am are going on a metal detecting trip, I always know treasure hunting equipment is coming with me.
Owning and using site and target specific equipment means you are always ready to be successful at the beach.
At heavily hunted beaches, people using site and target specific equipment usually have a heck of an advantage.
Shiny new metal detectors and pizza box size search coils don't always translate into more jewelry and coins.
I often use different equipment to search different sites, especially when searching for specific targets.
Using site and target specific tools, also refers to beach hunting accessories. 
For example, I use a waterproof pin-pointer and carry a long flat head screw driver for winkling out jewelry or coins on coral ledges.
These lead musket and bucky balls came off a beach with a little 1830s Seminole indian war history.
I was using an old discontinued metal detector and 5 inch search coil, the best equipment for the site.

In closing, make sure you are using beach or water hunting equipment for the reasons in this blog title, not because everyone else is using something so it must be good.
Beach hunting equipment is only good if you are using it because of the sites you search and the targets you hope to detect. 

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