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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The 10K gold drop out point

If you notch out unwanted junk targets you better be careful you don't unknowingly notch out gold. 
10K gold is always the first gold to go when you turn up your metal detector discrimination to a certain level. 
This is why I always test any new metal detector or search coil combo with a variety of 10 K gold jewelry.
I prefer using a little metal detector discrimination at the beach, but not close to the level that 10 K gold drops out.
My fellow beach treasure hunters would probably assume I go after 18k gold at ritzy tourist resort areas, but they would be wrong.
I search a wide variety of beaches, resulting in a wide variety of jewelry that is either scrapped, returned or head to my Khaleesi mother of dragons jewelry box.
10K and 14K gold moves the scrap gold scales much faster, as big gold rings and chains needs to be made stronger by the addition of more alloys in the gold mix.
I have found several large 10 K gold rings weighting an ounce, and at least two 1.5 ounce beasties.
It does not matter how big a gold ring is if you've notched it out because your tired of scooping pennies, bottle caps or god forbid aluminum ring pulls lol 
Because I test my metal detectors and search coils with a variety of test targets at the beach, I know where 10K drops out.
I suggest you do the same with your metal detecting equipment of choice, sometimes it can be a real eye opener what one incremental turn of a control knob or press of a discrimination button can do to a beach hunt.
Are you leaving big gold rings behind for other beach or water hunters ? 
A couple of weeks ago I followed and detected behind two guys swinging extra large search coils on a Florida beach, I recovered a 0.6 ounce 10K gold wedding band in their tracks.
They were not sloppy beach hunters wildly swinging, quite the opposite so my guess is they were using just a tad too much discrimination. 
Better check yourself before you wreck yourself with notching and discriminating out junk targets st the beach, just in case you leave stuff like this behind.

Find your metal detector 10K drop out point if you are a discriminating beach hunter and get under it to avoid missing 10K gold.

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