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Friday, June 30, 2017

Skill, luck or metal detector?

Of the three things listed in today's blog title what do you believe makes the biggest difference to a beach or water hunter.
If you believe beach or water hunting skills is more important than luck or what type of metal detector you use, we are in the same camp.
Basic metal detecting techniques and beach reading skills are the solid foundations a beach or water hunter needs to be successful.
Luck will eventually run out if you have any in the first place, and in my opinion a proficient beach or water hunter should be able to find good stuff using any metal detector.
Imagine if you had no metal detector, would you still find jewelry or coins at the beach ?
I know I would with a swimming goggles and a garden rake lol 
Of course there is no reason why you can't have beach and water hunting skills, good luck and use a good metal detector.

I believe skilled beach and water hunters improve their odds of recovering good stuff by knowing how to use the correct tools for the job.
What got me thinking about today's blog was a couple of recent beach and water hunts and running into several people already metal detecting at the same site. 
No worries was my initial reaction after seeing three people water hunting and two people beach hunting at both sites I intended to search.
Every person had major flaws in their search techniques, from plowing through the water leaving a mini wake, to swinging search coils like golf clubs six inches above the dry sand and speed detecting along the wet sand.
The amazing thing was everyone was using the same metal detector, the Excalibur II.
I also saw a few custom headphones, large search coils and straight shafts, and the idea for today's blog was set in motion.
No doubt certain people thought a modded metal detector gave them an edge, but unfortunately sloppy haphazard beach and water hunting basics were going to quickly cancel out those mods. 
In my opinion, the best thing you can use on the beach is good beach reading and metal detecting skills, learned while using any type of metal detector.
Check out a metal detecting forum and it's all about the metal detector everyone is using and going to the beach two hours before low tide. 
In reality, beach and water hunting is about being able to put yourself in the most favorable areas of the beach and using the correct search techniques to detect what you are searching for.
Beach and and water hunting basics include the following:

Learning what conditions effect your local beaches.

Knowing where jewelry and coins are likely to be lost and found.

Identifying highly used areas of the beach. 

Learning what sand or base is likely to trap or hold jewelry and coins.

Knowing the correct sweep speed for your metal detector and controlling a low level coil throughout the sweeping motion.

Covering the ground correctly, by stepping forward only after first sweeping your search coil. 

Searching a wide variety of sites 

Learning what metal detector and search coils help detect the things you are searching for and likely to find in the areas you hunt.

In closing, why type of metal detector you use only makes a difference when you know how and why your using it.  
No matter what kind of hunter you are it is important to know how to hunt no matter what type of equipment you carry.
Good hunters don't go hungry !

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