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Monday, June 19, 2017

To show or not to show finds

This year marks the first year I have not posted freshly scooped finds on a regular basis. 
I stopped posting recent beach and water hunting finds after getting tailed to the beach, dropping our girls at school, the ice rink and even all the way through a McDonalds drive thru! 
It's been tough not posting especially with some of the stuff I have pulled out of my scoop this year, including three finds I had the good fortune to cross off my treasure hunting bucket list this year.
Recently while on vacation I checked out a few social media sites and metal detecting forums to see who is finding what and where.
I saw a few pieces of jewelry with the beaches named that had me saying to myself, wow they must be crazy posting that.
Posting previous big ticket finds I always preferred to put a few weeks or even months between finding and posting.
From previous experiences posting big ticket finds, you can expect about a half dozen people saying the jewelry you posted belonged to them. 
I believe I am at eleven people and counting after one Rolex I recovered several years ago and two people saying my 300 year old Spanish treasure ring was lost by them at the beach! 
Don't get me wrong, I have found and continue to find many pieces of jewelry that get returned every year to grateful owners, but with millions of people visiting Florida beaches from all over the world I know there's a good chance many big ticket finds will be napping in the bank vault a long time. 
Which brings me nicely to the next reason I stopped posting finds which is security, although 
I don't keep any valuables at home why imply there is.
Perhaps I will do a few year in review type posts towards the end of the year, but in the meantime this beach pirate is going to keep flying under the radar.
I often wonder how long the old gold prospectors would have lasted if they had metal detecting forums back in the day.
Hey look at what I found today, good or bad idea, what say you fellow beach and shallow water hunting enthusiasts?

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