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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Rocket science and beach hunting

I'm a meat and potatoes kind of guy when it comes to beach hunting, as anyone who has read one of my beach and water hunting books or took a lesson from me will tell you.
I rely on beach reading and metal detecting skills I've learned from spending an insane amount of time walking tidal river banks mud larking and saltwater beaches metal detecting.
Boots on the ground river bank and beach hunting, information earned the only real way you can.
Beach hunting, water hunting, setting up and using a metal detector is not rocket science, but to hear many people who describe themselves as pros you would think it is.
Metal detectors for beach hunting are only complicated if you want them to be, after all there is only one thing you want to set them up to do, beep when the search coil goes over metal in the sand. 
I don't think I've ever used all the controls, options or features on any metal detector I have used for beach hunting.
I just use the ones I need to detect the stuff I'm searching for.
The words complicated and a metal detector for beach hunting should never be used in the same sentence, you are using the wrong type of metal detector if they are.
Beach reading and people reading skills are also not rocket science. 
You don't need a degree in beach or ocean floor sedimentary science to tell you if the sand is firm your walking over, it may hold jewelry or coins.
In my opinion, you can't beat simple stuff when it comes to beach and water hunting.
From metal detectors used at the beach, to visual clues that potentially increase your chances of finding what you are searching for at the beach.
Learning curves in beach hunting are easily overcome by taking a straight line! 

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