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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Digging deeper

Although I am known as a discriminating beach hunter, I often dig it all and dig it deep by using a PI (Pulse induction) metal detector or a VLF metal detector with an extra large search coil.
The deeper a metal detector detects, the more difficult it is to recover deep targets inside the water or in the wet sand. 
You have to be careful you don't waste valuable metal detecting time digging instead of recovering, but away from the water the depth advantages using a PI, all metal search mode, or an extra large search coil often pay off.
I sometimes prefer to put my metal detector down and use a spade to dig deep holes faster when I am using a PI, all metal search mode or an extra large search coil on the beach.
Pulse induction metal detectors and VLFs with large search coils work especially well at heavily hunted beaches, when your best chances of finding something are getting lucky with fresh drops, lady luck is something I prefer not to rely on.
Better than relying on luck is detecting deep stuff beyond the range of the majority of people searching the beach. 
Sure you dig a lot of deep trash, but a heavily hunted beach has the majority of surface trash removed by regular beach hunters or " Skimmers" who actually do you a favor. 
Knowing the shallow surface finds have probably already been removed allows you to concentrate on detecting deeper targets.
A pulse induction metal detector is in my opinion very site specific, but when you have the sites pulse induction is definitely the way to go.
If a pulse induction metal detector is not in your budget, invest in a large search coil for your VLF metal detector and switch to the all metal search mode digging everything.
Beaches are forever changing, competition comes and goes, it makes perfect beach treasure hunting sense to change things up to counter conditions and competition. 
Bringing up encrusted gold at a well hunted tourist beach is a good sign, it means you are probably the only one using the correct equipment or search mode for the site or conditions. 

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