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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Are you walking away from good stuff ?

People often ask me where is the best place to start off searching at the beach, which is a tough question for me as the majority of my beach hunting time I start and finish searching in the same area.
Probably where I first start searching is the best answer as I noticed was the amount of times I would find something good after returning to the spot I started out searching from.
This is my best example of that, a diamond encrusted gold chain and cross.

I recovered this Bobby dazzler on a predawn beach hunt many years ago, walking back to where I started searching thinking I was going home empty handed.
Just a couple of yards past my first footprints opposite the beach walkway, out pops this beauty.
I've done it several times on the Treasure Coast of Florida, scooping up Spanish silver treasure coins only a few feet past the place I started out searching from. 
I have seen several huge treasure finds recovered in Europe by people who kept searching all the way back to their cars.
I have been told stories of magnificent finds recovered by people who keep on sweeping  all the way to the top of the beach before leaving.
To this day I still keep searching until I step off the beach, just in case. 
As you would expect after so many good recoveries at start out points, I always search a few yards past the point I first started out searching from.
I believe the reason for these  finds around beach entry points is because it is a beach entry point, a high traffic area you are likely to find stuff. 
Watch other people beach hunting and the first thing they do is walk away from the entrance in a straight line along the shore.
Perhaps walking directly away from the very thing they are searching for.
I don't take a chance on someone recovering something good a few feet away from where I started out searching.
The first thing I do is make sure I search a few yards in the opposite direction before walking away from any area. 
Are you walking away from a potential find of a lifetime ? 

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