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Monday, May 22, 2017

Scooping targets in the wet sand

There is nothing worse than getting a good signal, scooping it out the hole and having a wave wash it away. 
If it is rough surf and your beach hunting you probably will never know what it was, it's gone.
To avoid the heartache of seeing a gold ring or a Spanish treasure coin washing away in front of your eyes, it is always best to use the scoop and dump target recovery method in the wet sand.
I prefer using a large basket scoop to cut down on digging, as the quicker you recover targets in the wet sand the better.
Scooping, double checking the hole and taking a few steps away from the water before dumping, is my preferred way of recovering targets in the wet sand. 
It's not foolproof and surf may wash over the sand you just dumped, but if you see it at least you have a chance of stepping on the target or using your foot or scoop to prevent it from being washed away.
Closer to the water those options have less chance of being successful. 
Try scooping and dumping, see if it works for you.
Here is a video I made recently showing the way I go about recovering targets in the wet sand.

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