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Monday, May 22, 2017

Holiday weekend beach hunting tips

Memorial Day beaches are going to be busy so here are a few tips that may help you to detect something good.


When expecting crowded beaches over a three day weekend, try to time your beach hunts to take advantage of the crowds. Avoid going out and spending all your energy on a Saturday morning before people have had a chance to lose anything. Sunday or Monday are the best days to search over a long weekend holiday.
Patience is one of the three Ps of beach hunting, have the patience to wait for suntan lotion, water temperature and waves to help you. 

Equipment choices 

Plan ahead by using the beach hunting equipment that will give you the best chance of finding something good.
Check out the expected weather forecast, tide times, surf height and plan to use the best choice of metal detector or search coil size.  In other words, don't just show up and wish you had used a different size search coil or metal detector.
Successful beach hunters plan ahead and know what to expect and find accordingly. 


Have a premium location in mind and at least two good back up sites.
Think about parking and if you have to move because you know the site is not happening, know where you can quickly move or park.
Choose back up sites that are not very far away from the first site you had planned to search. 
You never know what can change between planning and showing up to detect.

If you time your beach hunts, know what to expect and have a plan you are already way ahead of the competition at heavily hunted tourist type beaches.
Some of my best finds have come during or after three day holiday weekends. 
Be the beach hunter with the plan over the next crowded three day holiday weekend at the beach.

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