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Monday, May 22, 2017

How to find and search a coin line at the beach

How to find a coin line

A zig zag or loose S pattern is a great way to find a coin line on the lower beach.
Coin lines are basically a line of assorted materials washed onto the beach during a previous high tide.
As you are searching for a line of deposited materials, it makes sense that a zig zag or a snaking search pattern will help you discover a coin line faster than searching in a straight line parallel to shore. 
Snaking down the lower beach, periodically glance behind and check out previously dug holes, any linear pattern of dug holes is probably a coin line. 
Gold rings being heavier and creating drag because of their shape, are more likely to be found below the coin line.
Once you believe you have found a previous high tide ( Coin) line, change to a tighter north - south or east-west search pattern.
Pound the heck out of the area and dig as much stuff as possible, especially if you are recovering jewelry. 
Before moving away from any productive coin line I always search the area from two different directions, never ever walk along and then away from a coin line without hitting it twice. 
Any target along the coin line may potentially mask a good target, I've lost track of the number of diamond rings I have recovered along coin lines I only heard after I removed clad coins and bottle caps. 
I had the means to disc all of those unwanted targets out, but I know the effects of both iron and target masking along productive coin lines. 
Now you know why I never only walk in one straight line paralel to shore, like many other beach hunters do. 
Discovering a coin line is always a high priority to me, like finding the end of the big lower beach sandy conveyor belt. 
Find a line of coins on the lower beach and jewelry is never far away. 

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