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Saturday, May 20, 2017

You cant get it all

In my latest book " A guide to searching heavily hunted beaches" I explain the beach and water hunting techniques I use to keep finding on a regular basis.
I pretty much deal with competition every time I hit a Treasure Coast beaches searching for Spanish treasure coins and artifacts or a tourist beach searching for modern bling.
The one sure thing about searching heavily hunted beaches is you can't get it all.
Spend a few hours searching a beach, another beach is just waiting for someone to show up and search it. 
You cannot be every where at once and the competition also cannot be every where. 
Not all beach or water hunters have the same skills and the tides often dictate which areas of the beach can be searched. 
You can show up and search an area that may have been inaccessible to several beach hunters only a few hours earlier.
You could also detect something good behind a beach or water hunter using too much discrimination or covering the ground too quickly.
Even searching an area from a different direction to the last person who searched the same area can lead to finds, especially at trashy or iron infested sites. 
Good targets can sometimes only be detected from one search coil sweep direction, even search coil size can make a significant difference. 
Use too small a search coil and you may leave stuff behind for the next beach hunter because you did not have enough time to cover the area.
Use too large a search coil and you run the risk of leaving stuff being masked by other non ferrous and ferrous targets. 
These reasons are why I prefer to search small areas really well, using search coils best suited to detect what I'm searching for at the places I like to search.
I know you can't get it all, but I want to at least make it very difficult for any other beach hunter following me.
One of the great things about beach hunting is even when you think you have found it all, Mother Nature can rearrange the beach giving you plenty of chances to find more good stuff. 
Now you know why I don't care who or how many people are searching, or have searched the beaches I walk onto. 
Knowing other beach hunters cannot get it all on the most heavily hunted of beaches, is all the motivation you should need to go get your share!   

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