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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sniping gold at tourist beaches

As anyone who has ever taken a beach hunting lesson off me will tell you, I like to cover small areas and I like to cover them well.
I'm not into spending all day at the beach hoping to wander over some gold, in my opinion it is better to find more at the beach in less time.
One of the ways I continue to recover gold at heavily hunted tourist beaches is " Sniping" gold using tight search patterns and small search coils.
This morning I hit a very sanded-in beach at low tide for two hours tightly gridding an area straddling the towel line.
An area I saw people crowded on yesterday afternoon watching a local beach webcam.
Although it was low tide my feet never touched the water or wet sand, I stayed just above the previous high tide line.
Knowing where I was likely to detect lost jewelry, I went straight to the area I had seen on camera and pounded it as methodically as possible.
I was not looking for deep stuff or trying to cover lots of ground, so I used my CTX 3030 with a 10 X 5 search coil. 
Sniping gold (Low tones) from between obvious clad coins and bottle caps.
I knew I was not going to walk away from the area after recovering a couple of pieces of gold, so I covered the area again from a different direction, just in case I detected more gold.
You can sometimes detect gold in trashy beach areas like the towel line, by searching a second time but from a different direction.
The first piece of gold I recovered was a 22k gold earring with rubies and pearls, it was closed when found and was probably taken off by someone before going swimming.
I will return to the area later and see if I can recover a match to this earring, perhaps the beach cleaning tractor dragged it further along the beach.
The second piece of gold I recovered was a 10K white gold wedding band, another shallow target recovery.  
Both pieces of gold recovered this morning were lightweight and easy to detect targets along the towel line. 
You don't need a large search coil or a super deep metal detector to have success finding gold at tourist beaches. 
You just have to make sure you put your search coil over it, instead of putting your search coil over multiple targets and risk not hearing gold, or wasting your time digging deep holes chasing difficult to identify targets.
Around and along the towel line is an excellent area for sniping gold at tourist beaches, especially during very sanded-in beach conditions.
Discrimination and small search coils that help with target separation are the way to go, along with searching small sections of the most used areas of the beach. 
Your competition for gold is also usually two thirds lighter at heavily hunted sanded-in beaches, as water hunters and wet sanders are shut down because those are the only places they bother to search.
Its not always about going deeper or being the first person at the beach, sometimes separation is more important.
Separating yourself from the beach hunting pack by doing different things and separating gold from trash by using discrimination and the best size search coil for the job.

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