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Friday, April 14, 2017

What and where?

I receive and answer many "What metal detector is the best " questions, which are always easy questions to answer.
It just depends what you are searching for and just as importantly where you are searching for it, when making metal detector or search coil decisions. 
Once you decide on what you are likely going to find at the sites you search, metal detecting equipment choices become much easier.
For example, you would probably not need a VLF metal detector with discrimination features out the wazoo, or small search coils if you are searching for old shipwreck artifacts on remote non tourist type beaches. 
Alternatively, you'd have to be crazy to use a pulse induction metal detector or very large search coils at a busy tourist type beach.
I search beaches in remote areas for shipwreck coins and artifacts, and tourist beaches for jewelry, so I use a pulse induction metal detector and a VLF metal detector.
Sometimes I will slam an extra large search coil on my VLF metal detector instead of using a pulse induction metal detector.
On occasion I will slam a very large search coil on a pulse induction metal detector, when searching shipwreck beaches. 
Every so often I will buy and try a new metal detector or search coil, but only if I believe it can find what I am searching for in the areas I hunt.
If what I try does not do it better, it's history as I know what I need to have success at the beaches I search.
Today's blog came about after talking to a friend yesterday, who reeled off a few names of metal detectors I have tried over the last few years. 
All metal detectors I heard great things about, but ended up being disappointing in my hands.
If you are reading this blog and you are thinking of trying something new, stop and think about what type of things you search for and where you will search for them.
Think what and where, before opening your check book, wallet or purse.
Just because something may be a good fit in one part of the country searching for specific targets, does not mean it will be good for you and what you search for.
Researching equipment that suits your individual beach hunting needs will lead to big returns.

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