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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Silver and gold linings

On a recent beach hunt I witnessed something at the beach that often leads to a good jewelry hunt, as it did on this occasion with a gold wedding band and a silver chain. 
The silver chain was still fastened that leads me to believe it was lost by people rushing off the beach as heavy rain spread across the area.
People grabbing clothes, towels, shoes and bags, before racing across the sand to get shelter from the rain.
Whenever I see this happen, I immediately stop what I am doing and search the area most people left in a hurry. 
Sunglasses, watches, chains and rings fall out of places they were hidden while people sunbathed or swam in the water.
I spend a lot of time watching people using the beach, that's the excuse I give my wife and In sticking to it lol 
Seriously, people take jewelry off and put it inside shoes, under items of clothing or in pockets for safe keeping.
All it takes is a sudden down pour to distract a beach goer into forgetting about valuable items they placed on or around their towels for safe keeping. 
A beach hunter may be tempted to stay at home when it is raining, thinking the beach is empty and there is nothing lost to find.
But sometimes a rainy day has a silver or even gold lining, especially if afternoon showers ruined a perfectly good beach day.
Next time it rains when you are at the beach, just think about how many chances you have of finding jewelry lost when the rain first started. 
Assuming you use a waterproof metal detector and don't think it's all in the water.
Perhaps it's all on the beach, left behind so it did not get lost in the water.
Some of my best beach hunting days have been rainy beach hunting days, including one day I returned home with a 2 ounce 14K gold college sports championship ring.
Another time I recovered four 18K gold bangle bracelets in the towel line everyone raced away from. 
You also often have the beach all to yourself  on a rainy day, allowing you to detect areas that are impossible to search in the middle of the day at crowded beaches. 

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