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Friday, April 21, 2017

Searching heavily hunted beaches

I often hear people talking about buying new equipment or doing crazy stuff to beat the beach hunting competition.
My take is it is better to be your own competition, while having fun and getting your share of beach treasures.
Worrying about who is finding what and where will probably drive you to distraction, I say probably as I don't know for sure because it's not a thing I do.
There are plenty of ways to get your share in this hobby, hard work, patience and perseverance will do for starters.
Every time I post a metal detecting find, it was the end result of the three previous things mentioned.
I never track or try to chase other beach hunters down, I don't fret over things other people have recovered,  I just have fun and use other people's recoveries as motivation.
What one beach hunter can do, another beach hunter can surely do, unless you get distracted by fluffy stuff that really has no effect on the outcome of your time spent beach hunting.
Knowing many other people search the same beaches I use a metal detector at, makes me work smarter to get my share of loot.
Whatever I return home with, I know I worked darn hard to detect it and used my beach hunting smarts to put myself in position to recover it.
I have found working smarter at the beach helps you to detect more good stuff in less time.
In my opinion, up to 90% of the so called competition do the same thing the same way every time they step onto a beach.
It makes perfect treasure hunting sense that if you avoid doing the same thing no matter what the conditions, you are going to have different results to 90% of the people using a metal detector at the beach.
One of my theories to why everyone searches the same way at the beach, perhaps people who first see other people using a metal detector at the beach, assume that is the way to do it all the time. 
Before you know it, everyone at the beach using a metal detector has a very similar beach hunting style and probably with similar results.
How are you setting yourself apart from the beach hunting competition, are you working smarter or just harder?  

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