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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Checking out high spots on the beach

Today was a perfect day for beach hunting with a sky full of dark clouds and raining all day.
I hit a local beach in the middle of the afternoon and had the place all to myself, no tourists or other people using metal detectors.
Unfortunately the beach did not look very promising, with a fluffy sanded-in lower beach and seaweed washed up along the previous high  tide line. 
Scanning up and down the beach I saw an opportunity at the two highest points on the beach.
Normally I would be looking for low areas at the beach, but I headed to man made high spots at both ends of the beach. 
The beach I searched has a beach cleaning tractor that rakes the beach every morning and turns around at the same points, so I gave both ends of the beach with obvious tractor turning points a good going over. 
I used my Minelab Excalibur with an 8 inch search coil and slowly searched both ends of the beach. 
I was hoping to find jewelry dragged to the ends of the beach and I found a good assortment of stuff including jewelry in the area.
My take from a two hour beach hunt was a 14 K gold ring, 14K gold earring, several pieces of junk and silver jewelry, an iPhone and a Fitbit.

This beach is often searched by other beach and water hunters, but I still expected to recover jewelry.
The tractor turn around points are a ways down the beach from the nearest entrance or most frequently used areas.
That means they are often ignored by local beach hunters who use the beach entrances at either end of this beach as turn around points.
I did not find anything special today, but on previous searches of these type of areas I have recovered some fine pieces of jewelry.
Imagine how much stuff is dragged along tourist beaches and shaken loose at beach cleaning tractor turn around points, as the tractor lifts the beach rakes before turning. 
Many of these areas are less frequently searched by other beach hunters because they are often well past more heavily hunted areas.
Jewelry is not lost there, it's dragged and dumped there at many tourist type beaches with beach cleaning tractors.
Some of the best times to search beach tractor turn around points at tourist beaches are when cuts are flattened out. 
This is why it is often difficult to recover lost jewelry for people, even when they tell you exactly where they lost it at beaches with regular cleaning rigs. 
Once the tractor drags the area, jewelry could be anywhere along the beach.

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