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Monday, February 13, 2017

Shades of grey, the beach hunters version

Todays blog entry is about my two favorite shaded discrimination patterns on the Minelab CTX 3030
Simplicity is often the name of the game when it comes to beach or water hunting with a metal detector.
That is why I like using the Minelab CTX 3030 at the beach,  it is an easy metal detector to use for beach or water hunting.
The mistake a lot of people make is believing you have to use all the bells and whistles on a metal detector, especially one like the CTX 3030
In reality there are plenty of things on the CTX 3030 than can slow or bog you down if you choose to use them at the beach.
I'm a bare bones beach hunter, and I only use what I need to on the CTX 3030 when searching the sites I hunt on a regular basis.
Surprisingly, the only real thing you need to hit the beach running with a CTX 3030 is the preset Beach Mode. 
Rely on the Minelab engineers and the manual at first, then modify or tweak the Beach Mode discrimination pattern or settings after you get comfortable using the metal detector.
In this short YouTube video you can see my trashy tourist type beach discrimination pattern.

Apologies for the audio, I left my wind buffing microphone at home and I just wanted to show where the towel was at this beach.
I also show my preferred discrimination pattern ( Preset Pattern 2) when searching sites that may contain older finds. 
A simple press of the Detect button is all it takes to toggle between the two Detect screen discrimination patterns.
Simple stuff using a simple to use waterproof metal detector for beach or water hunting. 
I prefer using my modified preset beach mode with a liberal amount of discrimination when dry sanding, especially along the notoriously trashy towel line. 
Digging everything is not an option at many beaches, and in these times of increased competition for finds, digging everything in trashy areas just in case you miss one good find will insure you have a higher trash to good finds ratio.
Alternatively, one thin line of grey along the bottom of my CTX 3030 screen is all I need to get rid of the majority of small iron when searching for old stuff at the beach or inland.
I believe some famous person once said, ask not what your metal detector can do for you, but what you can do for your metal detector.
I have plenty of practical beach and water hunting advice for CTX 3030 users in my two CTX 3030 books.
Both of my CTX 3030 beach and water hunting books are available on my website, amazon, Ebay or from your local metal detector dealer. 

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