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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A time and a place

So often beach and water hunting is about using something that suits the time and place.
That is why much of the stuff I put out in books or blogs has to do with doing different things, using different stuff and beach hunting on the fly.
I do just about anything and everything to make sure I do not return home empty handed from the beach.
If there is one thing that is a constant about my beach hunting, it is probably the Minelab metal detectors I use.
I love my Minelabs for beach hunting, although I do try other brands for beach hunting but always end up selling them not long after.
I love my different size search coils and I even have an excuse for the wife as to why I need them lol 
I often use discrimination and go home with gold instead of crusty pennies from tourist beaches, I sometimes dig it all when I know the time is right. 
You will never hear me saying do one thing or use one piece of equipment for every type of beach hunting. 
I'm a finds man and know better, you search to suit the beach and use the equipment to suit the conditions.
Kick butt and take no prisoners when you go beach hunting, because when you do well you rarely have a chance to duplicate your success the next day.
Beaches change in a hurry, a cut on the beach can disappear on the next high tide, a productive hole in the water can also fill in on the next high tide. 
I believe I often go home with gold because I do the opposite to other beach and water hunters, some of those things I have mentioned in today's blog.
If you put ten beach hunters in a room and asked them if they hunt in discrimination or all metal, or what metal detector or size search coil was the best at the beach it would be a fifty fifty split. 
I would be the guy checking all the boxes as I go out of my way to avoid being set in my ways doing or using just the one thing to find treasure at the beach.
It's all good when it comes to beach or water hunting, there is a time and a place for anything as long as it gets the job done.
Back in my old bottle digging days on the way to a river in Lincolnshire England, a friend asked me where I was going to search along the tidal river bank. 
My reply was I don't know until we get there, the river will show me. 
I do the same thing to this day, by letting the beach show me where and how to search when I get there.
Last Sunday was a typical hunt for me, arriving at a beach I had checked out a few days earlier intending to search it one way, but doing the opposite type of search after arriving and reading the beach. 
Even changing metal detector search coils back in the beachside parking lot to help better search the area.
No great shakes in the finds department, an 18K diamond cocktail ring and a stainless steel wedding band, but better than going home empty handed. 

I put the large 14 X 9 search coil on to help detect any deep targets along the towel line, an area often rearranged on the lower beach every day by beach cleaning tractors at tourist beaches. 
You could say it was the right time and place to improvise using a large search coil and a little discrimination.
No doubt this area will look totally different the next time I visit it, then I will do what is best to suit the time and rearranged place.

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