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Friday, February 10, 2017

Full moon beach and water hunting zones

The full moon is upon us and that means I am out raiding Davy Jones locker, taking advantage of extreme high and low tides.
I always do well searching full moon tides, both high and low tides because I search areas other beach and water hunters often choose to ignore during a full moon.
A beach hunter who turns up to detect at the beach two hours before low tide, is not likely to search the high tide line which is often higher up the beach than normal, even though the high tide line may well be the best place to search at the beach.
A water hunter is not likely to search the very shallow water close to shore, they will head out to deeper water which is further away from shore than normal, even though the very shallow water may be the best water hunting area.
The majority of beach and water hunters are often going to robotically search the lower beach or waist deep water, because that is what they normally do.
It does not matter that the beach looks totally different than it normal does because of the full moon, when you are set in your ways you are set in your ways.
If you search heavily hunted tourist beaches, you can take advantage of knowing what the competition is likely to do at heavily hunted tourist beaches.
Yesterday I searched a beach at low tide and I saw three other people metal detecting in the area.
One person was on the lower beach, two water hunters were way offshore, perhaps looking for stuff lost by swimmers so far off shore.
I hit the place the other water hunters would normally have searched, but instead of being waist to chest deep, I was shin to thigh deep.
Coins were coming up fast and furious until eventually out popped a couple of shiny yellow round shaped objects which I happily put in my good finds pouch pocket.
I never saw the wet sander stopping to dig very often and the two water hunters were way down the beach so I assume I chose the right area to search.
Unfortunately the beach was busy so I could not search the previous full moon high tide, but I would if I could have.
Looks can be deceptive at the beach during the full moon, especially if you search the same areas all the time.
Full moon low tide wet sand, could well be shin to knee water the rest of the month.
Alternatively, shin to knee deep water during a full moon low tide could be waist to chest deep water the rest of the month.
Read a full moon beach with an eye towards what it looks like the rest of the month and check out those high tide lines higher up the beach. 
Here is over a quarter of a pound of full moon water hunting gold, from three full moon hunts back in 2013 

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