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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sand replenishment projects and beach hunting opportunities

Every so often in Florida, the city decides to waste a few million dollars dumping truck loads of sand on the beach.

The Florida tourism board loves wide sandy beaches, but they rarely stay that way for long and trucked in sand is often washed away within months, sometimes a few weeks depending on the season. 
Beach hunters see sand replenishment projects and wipe sites from their usual beach hunting rounds, but sometimes they miss opportunities by not bothering to search replenished beaches. 
If the sand being trucked and put onto the beach comes from an inland site, it could be trucked in from an old swim area. 
I know one Treasure Coast of Florida sand replenishment project trucked in sand from an inland beach around Orlando and many old silver US coins were recovered by beach hunters.
If sand is pumped onto the beach from an offshore dredging operation, you never know what could get thrown up onto the beach.
There are many well documented cases of dredge pipes being put over previously unknown shipwrecks, leading to beach hunters detecting old coins and artifacts at freshly replenished beaches.
A recent Palm Beach sand replenishment project attracted fossil collectors from all over the states searching for old sharks teeth, after the dredge pipes were placed in an ancient offshore shark breeding ground. 
And finally if your a tourist beach jewelry hunter, all those other beach hunters avoiding replenished beaches like the plague mean less beach hunting competition. 
The new sand may actually help you at trashy beach sites, as all the old trash is under several feet of sand.
You deal with less trash and less competition searching for jewelry when a tourist type beach is replenished with tons of sand, see how I find a silver or gold cloud in every beach hunting situation?
I have listed three different scenarios that often happen when a beach is widened.
So the next time you see people complaining on metal detecting forums about beaches being ruined by city beach projects, get yourself out there because the beach hunting conditions may have improved.
You never know? 

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