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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Signs of previous digging

Many beach and water hunters are get discouraged when seeing obvious signs of previous digging at a site, but I prefer to see the positives in any beach hunting situation.
Just because a site has been recently searched, does not mean the site has been searched correctly.
At the average beach there will be an average cross section of beach and water hunters, from weekend warrior newbies to full time hunters.
A newbie would be more inclined to search a beach that has obvious signs that it has been recently searched, than a seasoned beach hunter.
In my opinion, the newbie would be more likely to detect something good at the recently hunted site, than an experienced person who moves away from the area.
Seasoned pros fall into the trap of seeing other people searching a site and moving on, or seeing a site has been hunted and moving on. 
I could not give a monkeys uncle who is searching a site or how many obvious signs that a site has been recently searched by another beach or water hunter.
There are too many diamond rings and old treasure coins in the Drayton's safety deposit box at the bank, found close to other peoples spoil piles or dug holes at the beach to ignore recently searched sites.
The deeper or wider the hole someone has dug attempting to recover something at the beach, the more likely it is they walked away without recovering what made them stop to dig.
Often a person with bad target pinpointing or recovery skills, will push the target deeper into the hole or mistakenly dump the target away from the hole and fail to detect it.
I have recovered many good finds around the edges of dug areas at the beach, also other targets in the hole left behind by people not rechecking holes for multiple targets.
People lose sets of rings at the beach, when I find one ring I always search in a spiral pattern away from the initial find just in case the ring is part of a set. 
If you see trash targets close to holes left behind by sloppy beach or water hunters, pick up and throw the trash away or move it if the trash is too large to take away.
Always recheck the dug area after you have removed a large piece of trash, because a large ferrous (iron) or non ferrous target may mask a more valuable smaller target. 
This is the main reason why you always recheck your holes, no matter where you search.
Sloppy beach and water hunters are sloppy jewelry and coin hunters, trash left next to dig areas are dead give aways to a site not having been searched correctly. 
I recovered this diamond ring a few years ago on the slope of a dug hole at a heavily hunted Florida beach.

The wide hole was left behind on the lower beach by the beach hunter a hundred yards in front of me, the area screamed search me, search me!
The other beach hunter left behind a nice piece of bling in their haste to keep searching ahead of me. 
Which reminds me, good stuff is often left behind when a beach is cut (eroded) and being hastily searched by a lot of beach hunters. 
One persons trash may actually be hiding another persons treasure! 

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