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Sunday, December 25, 2016

My favorite christmas treasures

I consider myself a hardcore beach and water hunter, but today is the one day of the year I am quite happy to stay at home. 
On this special day I put my hobby aside and spend time with my favorite treasures, my beautiful wife and two daughters. 
In my opinion, family and friends will make you much richer than any jewel encrusted shiny gold colored objects you may find at the beach with a metal detector.
I would swap all the gold and jewels I ever found to have my mum who passed away this summer sitting at the christmas dinner table today. 
They say treasure is where you find it, but I can tell you from experience you often already have the best treasures in life. 
Stick a metal detector in my hand and point me in the direction of the local beach and I will be one lucky son of a gun, but even without leaving home or using a metal detector I consider myself one lucky son of a gun.
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all my family and friends. 
My girls Anya 16 and Katya 13 love posting embarrassing photos of their dad on Instagram, back at you girls from many christmas times past lol! 

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