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Friday, December 30, 2016

A new years beach hunting resolution

Its that time of year for me, when I look back and see how I did at the beach with my trusty metal detecting equipment.
2016 was ok for jewelry and coin hunting considering I only managed to get to the beach every other weekend throughout the year.
Like a hardcore beach hunter, I used my metal detector like I stole it and I put it away wet after riding it hard.
The total weight of gold jewelry was a tad over 20 ounces and I recovered 1.7 ounces of platinum jewelry, mostly wedding bands.  
I do not keep track of my silver finds, but I would guess it had to be over 1.5 lbs of sloppy seconds. 
The one thing that stood out about this year was the amount of good jewelry I found at places I rarely ever see anyone metal detecting.
I posted a couple of youtube videos from a certain beach and it is now probably one of the most heavily hunted sites in south Florida lol! 
As well as researching and trying many new sites, I used a couple of pieces of metal detecting equipment that made my beach hunting life easier and saved my valuable metal detecting time.
My new years resolution for 2017 is to work harder at mixing things up and avoiding the pitfalls of searching over hunted areas.
The more sites you have the more chances of finding something good you have, which has always been my main beach hunting strategy.
Putting yourself in place to find something good with your metal detector involves research, site selection and good search techniques.  
I consider this a much better beach hunting strategy than following other beach hunters to heavily hunted sites, relying on other peoples beach reports or wasting time trying to track down places other people search.
In this video I explain some of the ways I try to be different, which may help you to set yourself apart from the competition.
Searching for modern jewelry or old coins at the beach, over time you will see that the less rules or restrictions you put on your beach hunting time, the more successful you will be. 
The two oldest silver coins I recovered this year, came from two of the most unexpected places.
Thankfully I think outside the box and never assume here or there is where you always find stuff. 
Wishing you a happy and lucky new year !

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