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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Roped off areas in the water

Earlier this morning the ocean was a flat as a Paris runway model, so I snuck off work for a couple of hours hydrotherapy with my Minelab Excalibur.
Although the ocean was calm it was pretty sanded in, but I always know where to look for jewelry or more specifically where jewelry is more likely to be within detection range.
I relied on an old faithful water sports rental site, hey let the jet skis blow the fluffy top sand away right? 
Although water sports rental sites are often off limits to swimmers during the day they still have plenty of people swim out to the ropes and hang onto them, even if they do not cross the line.
I have probably found dozens of rings and chains close to roped off areas in the water. Today was no exception, with one gold and two silver rings recovered directly under or to the side of ropes in the water at a local tourist beach.
I recovered two silver rings rather quickly and in the final hour when I heard a nice low tone I started rolling with the GoPro. 
Here is a short video of the 18K gold band recovery showing how close I was to the ropes and how my site selection was spot on.
There are many reasons why roped off areas are great jewelry hunting spots, including people grabbing hold of slippery ropes that lead to rings, chains or bracelets becoming snagged.
Or maybe they are just good places for a swimmer to catch their breath and then dive down under the ropes, whatever the reason for lost jewelry around ropes in the water, I like it! 
Many beach and water hunters make the mistake of using roped off areas as turn around points, so they are more prone to be just whiffed at and not searched correctly by many beach and water hunters turning around. 
Also lets not forget about jewelry and sunglasses lost by people getting on and off jet skis or paddle boards, especially when they remove life jackets, rearrange swimwear or their hair. 
I do not have that last problem, but I knew you were thinking it! 
In closing, make water sports rental sites one of the first places you search before the rental site sets up for the day. 
They are also good places to search after a busy weekend, dang Im giving away all my jewelry hunting secrets now. 

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