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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Three gold rings and the reasons why they ended up in my pocket

In my opinion you make your own luck at the beach using a metal detector and the less you rely on luck the better.
Here are three gold ring recoveries and three perfectly good reasons why they ended up in my finds pouch.

Never assume jewelry is lost in one area of the beach 

This 18K gold diamond encrusted beauty was recovered about thirty minutes after a couple of people I recognized from the detecting forums told me not to bother searching an area because they just hammered it. 

I had my eye on the two guys ahead of me in the water at a tourist beach, making the same turn around points in thigh deep water.
I guess the knee deep water I recovered this "Bobby dazzler" was not worth searching ? 

Go with the flow

The Saturday morning I recovered this expensive 18 K gold diamond engagement ring, I arrived at the beach intending to water hunt after sunrise.
From experience, I know the importance of always searching up on the beach opposite all the sites I intend to water hunt at.

The diamond engagement ring was recovered above the towel line in the dry sand along with a pocket full of coins.
I never did make it into the water, instead I went with the flow and continued dry sanding.
If I only did one thing ( Water hunting) all the time this ring would probably have been recovered by someone else.

Put the hunt in treasure hunt 

I am always researching new beach and water hunting sites and trying different places.
This heavy gold jade ring with diamonds reminds me why I do not follow the detecting crowd to the same places every weekend.
After hurricane Sandy in 2012 I could have joined the detecting crowds at the tourist beaches, but I decided to search a small beach I read about in a local history book with a rumored late 1800s shipwreck. 

The beach was eroded, targets were scarce, but if you don't try different things you will not find different things. 
I wear this superb old ring at speaking engagements, it reminds me to always put the hunt in treasure hunt and search new places. 

Never assume a place has been searched thoroughly, or that jewelry is only found in one area of the beach, and make your own luck instead of fighting for sloppy seconds at heavily hunted beaches.

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