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Friday, December 16, 2016

Obvious places to find gold at the beach

When people ask me where is the best place to find gold at the beach, my answer is always the same, the obvious places! 
Here are three obvious places to find gold at the beach using a metal detector.

Opposite a beachside parking lot 

The bigger the beachside parking lot, the more parking spaces the more people potentially losing gold at the beach opposite the parking lot. 
That is simple beach jewelry hunting math, and timing your beach hunts will increase the likelihood of you finding gold opposite beachside parking lots. 
Try not to fall into the trap of believing gold is just lost in one area opposite a beachside parking lot, by only searching one part of the beach. 
For example, only searching along a line in the wet sand, only searching inside water or only searching up in the dry sand.
Here are $25K worth of reasons to search opposite beachside parking lots, both diamond rings were found after busy holiday weekends.
They were also found in areas often ignored by many beach hunters, the high tide line and knee deep water. 

Never overlook the areas just past the busiest stretch of beach and go find yourself some big ice!

Opposite beachside bar's or nightclub's

Drinky winky and gold jewelry are not a good combination at the beach, but I sure would like to see more happy hours at beachside nightclubs and bars ! 
Timing is everything when searching on the beach or inside the water opposite popular beachside drinking spots. 
Night time and early morning hunters often have the first crack at recovering gold lost by courting couples on the beach or swimmers who had one too many.  
Look for towels spread out, discarded alcohol containers, drinking glasses or items of clothing left behind on the beach. 
You often find jewelry in the same area, sometimes just laying on top of towels or clothing. 
I have returned so many cameras, cell phones, wallets and jewelry to very happy and hungover people. 
Also forget about following outdated beach hunting advice passed around on metal detecting forums, if you wait until two hours before low tide to go beach hunting your selling yourself short. 
I cannot tell you what the tide time was when I recovered this superb diamond encrusted 18K gold chain and cross a few years back opposite a beachside bar.

Opposite a known shipwreck 

These are my favorite places to find gold, because old gold is always my favorite kind of gold. 
If you are lucky enough to live in an area with a known shipwreck or two, keep hammering away and you may get lucky enough to experience the thrill of pulling old gold up from opposite a ship wreck site.
This unusual piece of gold was recovered on a Florida beach opposite a known French shipwreck from the late 1600s. 

Local tales of old coins or jewelry washing up or being detected on local beaches after storms are usually true. 
All it takes is a little research to find the general location and the patience to be ready for the next big storm. 
Old coins, jewelry and artifacts more difficult to find than modern coins and jewelry, but if you up for the challenge who knows what fantastic treasure you may find.

So there you have it, three obviously good places to find gold at the beach. Sometimes the best places to find gold at the beach are the most obvious places to find gold.
Makes me wonder why I see so many people walk onto a beach, turn on their metal detector and immediately start walking away from a perfectly good place to find gold.

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