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Friday, November 11, 2016

Using your beach hunting time wisely

During a beach jewelry hunting lesson yesterday, I was able gave a client a few observations about reading the competition as three Excalibur users were already busy searching the beach I had chosen for the lesson. 
The Excalibur users in action helped me explain a few important things about jewelry hunting at tourist beaches.
One person had their search coil a good five to six inches above the sand, another quickly walked down the beach like they were taking part in a Benny Hill video. 
The third person was digging holes in the sand wide and deep enough to say hello to Skippy the bush kangaroo.
In other words, loss of target depth, poor ground coverage and using the wrong search mode or poor target recovery skills. 
In this video I show some of the basic Minelab Excalibur settings I prefer to use when searching for jewelry at the beach.
I always use the Excaliburs best discrimination features to help me detect both shallow and deeply buried targets.
The discrimination search mode is often the best search mode to use at a tourist type beach, helping you to spend more time digging good non ferrous (iron) targets.
In my opinion, time is money in beach jewelry hunting, especially if you are a weekend warrior or your beach hunting time is limited.
I pointed out to my client that searching with the coil on the sand or as close to the sand as possible, will help maximize target depth. 
Stepping forward only after slowly sweeping the coil twice will help a beach jewelry hunter to thoroughly cover an area.
Lastly, using the Excalibur disc mode will help prevent a beach jewelry hunter from wasting valuable detecting time struggling to recover every scrap of metal junk at the beach. 
Although the Excalibur pinpoint search mode may be a tad deeper than the disc mode, don't forget ferrous junk can also be detected a little deeper too.
For example, if you can detect good targets using an Excalibur 10 inch search coil up to 10 inches, why would you dig every piece of junk in all metal mode just in case a good target is in that extra inch or maybe two gained by running in pinpoint mode.
Gold is not always just out of discrimination range, I believe more gold is missed through bad search techniques and not being able to get to it before the jewelry hunting competition because of time spent digging ferrous junk.  

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