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Monday, November 14, 2016

Full moon beach and water hunting

One of the best times for beach or water hunting is during low tide on a full moon. 
You will have more lower beach to search and you will be able to search areas in the water that are normally out of reach. 
I look for two things during the full moon, rocky areas exposed on the lower beach and deep areas further out in the water containing a high amount of coins. 
Rocky areas can be difficult to search and recover targets from when they are inside the water, a full moon low tide often exposes rocky areas making them more workable.
I've talked about collection areas, deep pockets of water where coins and jewelry are washed into, when you can get to these type of areas during a full moon low tide you can clean up.
This weekend I was able to get to an offshore area thanks to the super moon low tide and I recovered gold and silver jewelry.
Here is a video of one of those finds, a large silver chain and cross
There were many rocks, shells and clumps of coral in the deep offshore pocket of water, which is always a good sign for a jewelry hunter.
It is not just full moon low tides that are helpful, the high tides can also help fill your finds pouch.
Higher than normal high tides push jewelry and coins way up onto the beach, on narrow beaches that can lead to beach erosion.
In my beach and water hunting books I always stress the importance of not tying yourself to searching one area of the beach. 
For example, just searching along the wet sand, or on the dry sand or only water hunting.
Full moon tides open up a variety of opportunities to beach and water hunters, so it helps if you do not short change yourself by thinking jewelry or coins can only be found in one area at the beach.
On this occasion an offshore pocket of normally inaccessible deeper water yielded gold but it could just have easily been a different full moon opportunity. 
The beach is constantly changing, during the full moon phase the beach bank is open for longer business hours! 

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