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Friday, November 18, 2016

Weekend warrior jewelry hunting tips

I continue to find gold at heavily hunted Florida tourist beaches, even though my beach hunting time has been limited to only searching over weekends this year. 
The next piece of gold I recover will push me past the 20 ounces of gold jewelry mark for 2016.
So here are three weekend warrior tips I will share that hopefully will put more jewelry in your finds pouch.

1. Weekend warrior tip number one is to play the beach or water hunting percentages. Search where the gold and silver is, not where every other beach or water hunter is. 
If you automatically run to the where everyone else searches on a Saturday morning, divide the number of searchers by the amount of jewelry you think was probably lost in that area over the previous week. 
That will probably be your share of any loot in the area, so do you still think it's a good idea to join the detecting crowd ? 

2.  Go for the easy stuff, don't worry about what you may be missing. 
The wiser you use your allotted beach or water hunting time, the better. 
Avoid digging everything just in case you miss one piece of jewelry.  
Many beach and water hunters blame a lack of finds on beach conditions or their choice of metal detector, but often they are just not getting to the jewelry before others. 
Time wasted sloppily trying to cover too much of the beach, or digging junk targets are often the main reasons for a lack of recovered jewelry. 

3. Know your depositors, where they use and lose at the beach. 
I pride myself on my people reading skills, knowing where I am likely to recover lost jewelry at the beach. 
If you doing the same thing at the same site all the time you are selling yourself short, unless you know why your doing it.
Try going to the beach and sitting down watching people before you turn your metal detector on. 
You will be amazed how much jewelry hunting information you can gather just by watching people using the beaches you like to search.
Check out where parents are playing with young kids, where the old folks are chatting or where the centers of main activity are.
After watching people at the beach, it sure makes you wonder why so many beach and water hunters are set in their ways. 
When you step out the beach and water hunting box, you can even have success at the most heavily hunted beaches. 
This was a water hunting sight from last weekend, good luck my fellow weekend warriors ! 

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