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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Build on a solid metal detecting foundation

Your metal detecting pace, sweep speed and search coil control are three solid foundations for a beach or water hunter to build upon.
When beach and water hunters contact me for advice on how to compete in heavily hunted areas, it is usually metal detector or search coil size related questions. 
I very rarely get asked what is a good metal detecting pace or sweeping technique, and I have never fielded a search coil control question. 
In my opinion, the best advantage anyone can have other another beach or water hunter at a heavily hunted beach is their search technique.
If you are really strict about the way you move across the sand sweeping a level search coil, it shows you have a good beach or water hunting strategy, instead of relying on stumbling across something good.
This video shows the way I like to use a metal detector at the beach, relying on solid beach hunting foundations.
Slowly and methodically searching an area, while sweeping a level search coil across the top of the sand.
If a metal object is within detection range in the sand I will detect it, I can also walk away from an area without ever wondering if I missed anything. 
In my beach and water hunting books I like to say, it is not how much ground you cover, it is how you cover the ground.
I never check out other peoples metal detectors or search coils at the beach, I check out their detecting pace and search techniques, because they are the real measure of the competition.
It is not the speedy beach hunter covering the beach before you that you have to worry about, its the slow beach hunter behind you that is the real competition. 

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