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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Searching natural jewelry traps at the beach

Saturday morning I hit a beach for  a 2.5 hour beach hunt, I was expecting some erosion with recent high winds and surf. 
Unfortunately the main beach was sanded-in with no cuts, so I decided to search an area I have always done well at in the past.
The rocky outcrops away from the main beach area had sand remove from between the piles of rocks, making them interesting places to search for jewelry and coins.
Although this stretch is not as busy as the main beach, it sees its fair share of people snorkeling around the rocks.
Eagle eyed blog viewers may recognize these rocks from previous jewelry shots I have posted in the past.
This youtube video shows the moment I pulled the 14 K gold chain out of the hole, I stopped to turn on my GoPro hoping a gold pendant was attached, no such luck this time, but hey you never know.
My initial plan was to search any cuts I saw at the main beach, cuts at a beach act as  jewelry or coin traps, small or sometimes large vertical walls of sand that jewelry and coins get trapped against.
The rock piles I searched away from the main beach are also jewelry and coin traps, only you do not always have to wait for high winds or waves to make them productive. 
In this case sand was washed away from between the rocks, but I have recovered plenty of gold chains and gold rings close to the rocks without any sand washed away.
I usually use a smaller search coil when looking for jewelry and coins close to rock piles, as they often have a lot of bottle caps and can slaw in and around the piles.
Rocky outcrops are natural jewelry and coin traps at the beach, and not just around the rocks.
Large rocks sometimes have cracks and small pockets that jewelry and coins can get washed into, this is the main reason I usually carry a pin-pointer with me to the beach. 
Get ready for some serious fun if you search over rocks that were previously covered in several feet of sand. 
I will try adding videos to all my upcoming beach and water hunting blogs, early days so please excuse my rookie video production and please subscribe to my youtube channel. 
HH Gary

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