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Friday, October 14, 2016

Tourist beach gold and silver hunting

Following up on my previous blog about how I prefer to use discrimination at heavily hunted sites, this gold chain is one of the reasons why I do not "Dig it all" at these type of sites.

I have always had the same search strategy for heavily hunted tourist type beaches, get to the gold before the competition.
Im not interested in clad coins or junk jewelry, in the words of the late great Freddie Mercury "I want it all and I want it now."
The 18K gold chain in this photo was recovered towards the end of a two hour beach hunt earlier this year, with four other beach hunters searching along a quarter mile stretch of tourist beach.
The other guys were hunting as a group and I know at least two members of the group were digging it all using their pulse induction metal detectors.
I was using my Minelab CTX 3030, cherry picking for gold or silver jewelry by only stopping to dig low or high tones.
My metal detector is set up to respond to four audio tones, a modified low tone, a high tone and two mid tones.
For anyone interested, my CTX 3030 settings are in my two CTX 3030 beach and water hunting books.
I only stop to dig two tones at tourist type beaches, especially if the beaches are heavily hunted.
Low tone gold and high tone silver are the two tones that get my toes tingling, I dig my fair share of low tone aluminum and nickels, but hey its unavoidable.
When you are not digging every piece of junk and clad coin on the beach,  you do not have to spend all day at the beach metal detecting to find something good.
My average jewelry hunt is two or three hours at a tourist beach, searching for gold or silver in those two or three hours.
I combine my beach reading skills and experience using metal detectors to seek out the high priority targets I am searching for, especially at sites I expect competition.
Years ago, I remember every time I would detect a piece of gold the signal would stand out so much from the coins and junk I had been wasting my time digging.
I decided to research what metal detectors gave the best audio response to gold and silver and use that information to help me better make use of my beach and water hunting time.
Beach and water hunters spend way too much time agonizing over they could be missing at tourist type beaches, instead of what they could be finding. 
Get to the good stuff by skipping over the bad stuff, hands up how many beach and water hunters dig stuff up knowing darn well exactly what the target is before they dig it up.
I do the same, just to targets I know have a high probability of being gold or silver.  

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