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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Discriminating beach hunters

I always use the best features of my metal detector to maximize my chances of recovering what ever it is I am searching for.
The majority of the time the best features on the metal detectors I use for beach and water hunting, are the iron mask and discrimination control. 
These two features increase my chances of detecting jewelry, while at the same time helping me avoid digging unwanted junk targets.
Junk is junk, no matter where you find it so the less time you waste stopping to dig junk the better.
Metal detecting times have changed and metal detectors have changed, you no longer have to dig everything at the beach, just in case you mistakenly reject one valuable target.
Competition has reached crazy levels at many beaches, so using the best features on your metal detector to help you detect desirable targets faster, makes perfect treasure hunting sense.
The old saying "You have to dig it all to find the good stuff" is just that, an old saying.
Even though I have quite a few miles on my beach and water hunter odometer, I am a discriminating treasure hunter.
I class discrimination, target depth gauges, and display readouts as all very good aids to detecting jewelry and coins instead of junk at the beach.
Using discrimination is the best way to quickly sample a new beach or beach hunting site, or detect a coin line. 
It is also the fastest way to search an area you expect to have competition, you can always recover the area digging rejected targets, if you believe there may be other valuable targets masked by the targets you initially rejected.
You have options using discrimination at heavily hunted sites, move on to the next site or stay and dig the junk you left behind.
If you dig all metal targets from the start at a heavily contested jewelry or coin hunting sites, those junk targets may cost you a good find you did not have time to get to.
No thanks, I prefer to use discrimination to get me to the good stuff faster.
I never worry about what valuable targets I may be missing, only the valuable targets ahead of me I can detect! 

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