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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Time for a change of pace

One thing I have learned about metal detecting is you have to think outside the box if you want to succeed.
Doing the same thing or using the same equipment all the time will come back to bite you, if you do not mix things up a little and adapt.
Beach and water hunting is often about change, not surprising really as the beach is constantly changing, two high and two low tides every day helps make that change.
Coastal storms or unusually high surf can completely change a beach, so it makes sense that you know how to adapt to searching a beach more than one way. 
I will be changing my blog soon, adding beach and water hunting youtube videos showing how I do things differently to other beach and water hunters.
Many of my beach and water hunting techniques are site or beach conditions specific, meaning I do not  search the same way every time I go beach or water hunting.
I jewelry or coin hunt to the site or conditions, not regardless of the site or conditions. 
The metal detecting finds in the attached introduction video were found all over the beach and in many different depths inside the water.
I always attribute my wide variety of beach and water hunting finds to using a wide variety of search techniques in a wide variety of areas. 
Also using different metal detecting equipment to suit the site or conditions, instead of just searching one way using the same equipment all the time.
Every year I discover something that works better, both search techniques and equipment, sometimes I try doing or using different stuff and fall flat on my face, but the main thing is I always try to get out of my beach and water hunting comfort zone.
This year has been a heck of a year for me, a lot of metal detecting firsts and a lot to be revealed in the future.
I hope my videos will help you avoid becoming a beach hunting clone, searching the same way, at the same time with the same settings or search coil, every where you hunt for jewelry or coins at the beach.
In several of my beach and water hunting books, I write about people new to the hobby of metal detecting often making unbelievable finds of a lifetime. 
It is often put down to beginners luck, but my take is that people new to the hobby create their own luck by searching in places other experienced hunters would simply overlook.
They often find great stuff using metal detecting equipment that leave experienced hunters scratching your heads.  
At a beach with competition, sometimes experience can hold you back from putting your search coil over a find of a lifetime.
I will show you what I mean soon. 

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