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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Less is often more when using a metal detector with a screen

Metal detectors with screens are becoming extremely popular with beach hunters, I use one myself.
Although I only use the display readouts as a second opinion, I still rely on my ears when making my digging decisions.
When you use a combination of audio and display screen target information, it helps if you have accurate read outs.
This video on my youtube channel explains a few of the basic settings I use on the Minelab CTX 3030,  towards the end of the video I explain my reasons for not having everything I could have running on the metal detector.
One of the things I have learned about using a metal detector with a display screen, is the more things you have running the more inaccurate your readouts become.
Target ID's become less accurate, it may cost you target depth and you could lose confidence in the discriminating capabilities of your metal detector, especially with jumpy display screen read outs.
You do not have to have every box ticked and running on the CTX 3030, by leaving a few options unchecked you may get better depth and definately get more accurate target ID's.
How you set your metal detector up should have a lot to do with the stuff you are searching for. 
For example, why have a Deep option on when you are searching for fresh dropped jewelry.
Alternatively, you would have no need for hardly any target ID options if you are looking for deeply buried treasure coins or artifacts.
Those type of targets are probably going to be on the edge of detection range, a metal detector may struggle to identify deep targets and mistakenly reject them.
I believe someone once said, my fellow beach hunters ask not what your metal detector can do for, ask what you can do for your metal detector. 

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