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Monday, October 10, 2016

Searching beaches long after a coastal storm.

Many people mistakenly assume once beaches effected by coastal storms are heavily hunted and weeks pass by, there is nothing to find.
From previous experiences searching beaches after powerful coastal storms, I know that even beaches that appear sanded-in can be productive many weeks or even months afterwards.
Use this photo of my Spanish 1715 fleet treasure ring as a reminder not to assume all the best finds are recovered directly after a coastal storm.

Back in early 2005 when I recovered this 300 year old inca gold and Colombian emerald treasure ring, I had many Treasure Coast beaches all to myself as other beach hunters gave up the dream of finding hurricane treasure.
Obviously not me, I was just as hardcore a beach hunter then as I am today.
I believe jewelry and coins wash off the beach and wash onto the beach during a strong coastal storm, I often describe the beach as being like a sandy conveyor belt.
If you work hard enough and I admit get a little lucky, you can often find jewelry and coins on a beach well after a strong coastal storm.
I just prefer to rely on persistence, patience and perseverance than lady lucky when beach hunting.
There are going to be plenty of post hurricane Mathew beach hunting opportunities, if you rely on the three "P"s of treasure hunting. 
Over the following weeks and months beaches will be effected by wind and waves that will take just enough top sand off an area to expose goodies to patient beach hunters. 
Some of my favorite beach hunting finds were recovered many weeks or months after a coastal storm rearranged a beach.
At tourist beaches, beach and water hunting for jewelry has been superb the next time high surf rearranges the beach after a storm. 
The recent hurricane in florida did very little visible damage to beaches in south Florida, but I know over the following weeks and months I will be in for some interesting beach and water hunts.
I know the emerald treasure ring I found was more than likely moved around by two hurricanes in late 2004, and I remember thinking in early 2005 there must be more good stuff just out of detection range.
Long after any coastal storm, if you keep plugging away you may discover a find of a lifetime.
Avoid waiting around for more favorable beach or water hunting conditions or giving up on a good beach site that is temporarily sanded-in.
Keep plugging away and be ready to take advantage of future openings at good beach sites known to hold something good.
I wonder how many people walked over the area I found my find of a lifetime?
It just goes to show, if you don't go you often never know!

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