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Friday, September 30, 2016

Searching trash infested areas

The trashier a site is, the more chance you have of finding treasure amongst the trash.
Trashy beach sites open up to slow methodical searchers, who know their metal detectors really well.
If you use a metal detector with a display screen, the target depth and iron readouts can really help you in your digging decisions.
I still rely on the best target identification systems ever created, my eyes and ears! 
The harder an area is to search, bank on eventually detecting something good by taking the time to search the area. 
Many beach and water hunters wuss out on searching trashy areas, somehow thinking their time is better used searching for jewelry and coins in less trashy areas.
Any site with a lot of ferrous (Iron) or non ferrous junk targets is a potential gold or silver mine, but only when you figure out how best to search the area.
I love pulling jewelry and coins out of difficult to detect areas, like these superb diamond rings. 

Many beaches I search have certain trashy areas that are less hunted because they are so difficult to detect.
You could say, I rely on the trash to hide treasure from the competition. 
Trashy beach entrances are perfect examples of areas skipped over by people metal detecting at the beach.
The average beach or water hunter, usually searches away from a beach entrance, especially if they start off digging a few crusty pennies or bottle caps. 
The next time you think about moving on because you are pulling up a lot of junk, think how many other people with metal detectors hit the place you are thinking of moving to.
Trashy areas often hold the stuff you are searching for, you just have to find a way to search the site and get to the valuable targets. 

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