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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Tough beach hunting decisions

One of the hardest things for a person getting into beach hunting to figure out is what equipment to invest in.
I should add that many experienced beach hunters also have a tough time figuring out what equipment to use.
Over the last week my inbox is full of messages from people ready to go beach hunting after hurricane Mathew. 
Several people asked where is the best place to search, but the majority of questions had to do with what metal detector, search coil or recovery tool I recommend using. 
From my messages I know many individuals and groups are traveling down to Florida to try their luck when Mathew moves a couple of hundred miles offshore. 
My blog is not based on beach conditions or posting photos of the same beaches every other day, so I will pass on giving my predictions of what this hurricane will do for beach hunters.
I was surprised so many experienced beach hunters do not know what metal detecting equipment would be the best to travel with, as I have seen some pretty nice finds posted by some of the people asking the equipment questions. 
If you are one of those people reading this blog this is not intended as a slight, just an interesting observation about how even experienced beach hunters have trouble deciding what equipment to use.
Even I have discovered several things that work better for beach and water hunting in the last year, because I consider several of these equipment choices advantages over the competition I will keep those choices under my hat.
I can tell you some equipment changes are metal detecting equipment and others are clothing related. 
That is also the advantage of having an open beach hunting mind, you use what you need not what everyone else uses.
Several times over the last year I have been surprised to discover something I have used for a long time was not as good as I thought it was, and an alternative item turned out to be a good advantage.
That basically sums up todays blog, find what works best for you in the areas you search, but try other things just in case they work out much better for you.
I believe traveling to detect is where you learn a lot about the treasure hunting equipment you are using.
The less changes you have to make the better, good equipment choices work anywhere.
There is a lot to be said about using equipment you have confidence in and you know will get the job done.
It is very easy to get comfortable in beach hunting, especially when you have success using the same equipment a long time.
Sometimes it takes a detecting trip or something that takes you out of your beach hunting comfort zone to help you find something that can make an unexpected difference. 

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