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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Expecting the expected at the beach

After checking my local beach webcam and surf projections, yesterday morning I finally got out for a long over due jewelry hunt. 
It is always good to know what equipment you will probably be better using before leaving home.
Instead of just showing up and using the same equipment no matter what the beach conditions are, as many people do.
Expecting 2 to 3ft surf and a high tide, I knew a smaller search coil would be better on the lower beach, helping me to pinpoint targets faster and conserve detecting time.
This is the time when good pinpointing and target recovery skills come in very handy, following on from the last blog the more targets you recover the more jewelry you recover. 
Being a jewelry hunter at tourist beaches, target depth is not often my top priority as I search for a lot of fresh drops. 
From experience I know when the lower beach sandy conveyor belt is turned on due to higher surf, the surf zone will be churned over and jewelry may be pushed up onto the lower beach. 
There are far more water hunters than beach hunters in south Florida, so the odds were in the old english geezers favor of bringing home some gold bacon. 
Yesterday morning (As I fully expected) I saw no other people metal detecting, mainly because it was high tide, raining and rough surf close to shore.
High tide and rough surf cuts the competition down by as much as three thirds at many beaches with more water hunters than beach hunters. 
Rainy conditions put the sneaker wearing and non waterproof detector users out of action. 
Although the jewelry I recovered was not that sexy, it is gold and it all adds up over time.  
It was also gold and silver jewelry that anyone could have detected if they wanted to, easy shallow targets that just needed to be detected and scooped up. 
There are some basic lessons to be learned from my recent jewelry hunt, including using equipment to suit the expected conditions and taking advantage of the local competition. 
Knowing what to use, where to use it in places other beach hunters do not, often equals going home with jewelry.  If you do not restrict yourself to doing the same thing using the same equipment at the same time at the same beach. 
Same is a bad word, when referring to jewelry hunting at heavily hunted beaches. 

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