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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Are you digging it?

Sometimes beach and water hunting is just as simple as knowing the more digging you do, the more jewelry you find. 
Try not to get too carried away with low tides or searching heavily hunted sites, or you may forget the most important thing of all, if you are not digging you are not finding. 
When I go metal detecting I use my knowledge of local beaches to put me on the busiest site possible. 
By busy site, I do not mean the site everyone else is searching, I mean a site with lots of targets. 
I prefer to return home from a good beach or water hunt with an achy back or arms, not tired feet from walking long distances at the beach. 
Many beach and water hunters mistakenly think it is important to spend all day searching in order to find something of value.
Stuff that for a game of soldiers, I would rather find more in less time by relying on site selection and the laws of target recovery averages. 
In my opinion, the more you walk,the less you find so it is important to learn where the busiest places to dig are at your local beaches.
Again, not the busiest places for other detectorists, the places you have the most chance of getting aches and pains from doing a lot of digging.
I do not find many of the bling rings I post without digging a lot of stuff I am not searching for first.
Quite often at the beach, to find the treasure like these fine specimens you have to move a lot of crap they are hiding behind. 

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