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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Invest in your knowledge of local beaches.

A keen eyed fellow beach hunter spotted something about my jewelry posts that explains the way I search beaches.
I rarely post single pieces of jewelry because I often recover multiple pieces of gold or silver jewelry in the same area. 
The way I recover multiple pieces of jewelry is by hammering any hot spot I come across, I am more into digging not walking at the beach.
I use my knowledge of local beaches and beach reading skills to put me over coins and jewelry as quickly as possible.
A quick scan of the beach to see where the best looking areas are, a few test digs and once I get busy digging targets that is it for two or three hours.
I know the majority of beach hunters prefer to cover more ground and spend more hours at the beach, quite a different beach hunting strategy to mine.
They hope to run across something, I hope to detect and recover jewelry instead of relying on luck.
In my opinion you do not have to travel very far to detect if you know the beach and its probable jewelry hot spots. 
Beach and water hunters are always looking for an edge through equipment, such as large search coils or headphone mods, when the real edge is local beach knowledge and beach reading skills.
The two combined, can and should make a difference between people searching the same beaches.
If you know a veteran beach hunter who always seems to be in the right place at the right time, my guess is they know where to look and how to work it.
You can too if you focus on areas at the beach that are more likely to have more coins or jewelry than other areas. 
Just like the veteran beach hunter who walks onto the beach, looks around and heads to one spot. 
You could follow that person to that spot, but that is no real beach or water hunting plan, although I see many beach and water hunters do exactly that lol 
Lurking on detecting forums trying to figure recognizable beach features in photos, is another beach hunting sloppy seconds strategy that lacks imagination. 
Learn what to look for at the beach and where to look for it, then work it! 
When is the last time you walked onto a beach with a metal detector, took a good look around and decided to try another beach or go home ?
A helpful situation that comes from knowledge of local beaches and prospective jewelry hunting sites within the area. 

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