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Thursday, June 2, 2016

High end sites question

I get asked where I hunt on a weekly basis, by people who mistakenly believe I hang outside high end hotels waiting for people to lose jewelry at the beach. 
Nothing could be further from the truth, because high end beach sites are the most heavily hunted places in Florida.
I am not into traveling to heavily hunted sites duking it out with people who have a lot more time to go metal detecting than I do. 
In my opinion you have just as much chance of finding a piece of valuable jewelry at a beach opposite a budget hotel as you do outside a Hilton hotel. 
Sometimes a fancy swimming pool with bar and restaurant will lure people away before they even have a chance to lose jewelry at the beach.
I have found beaches with a fancy hotel and large swimming pool to be less productive jewelry hunting ground than a beach opposite a public parking lot. 
When the weekend rolls around and I head out the door with my detector, I go to a site that gives me the best chance of recovering jewelry, preferably platinum or gold. 
If I find expensive jewelry its a bonus, but I just want to find gold jewelry no matter what the price tag.
I saw a post on a detecting forum that inspired todays blog topic, a Florida water hunter saying how he went to the beach at 7 am on Memorial day and saw ten other people already metal detecting opposite a high end hotel.
You could probably say that about any day opposite a high end hotel on a Florida beach, which leads me to the point of this blog.
If you already know you have a slim chance of finding anything opposite a heavily hunted site, why join the detecting crowd?
Surely it is better to search the opposite type of place and probably find more gold and occasionally a very expensive piece of jewelry.
You get better odds of finding jewelry when you are not one of at least ten searchers at the site every day.
This strategy has helped me to find gold jewelry on a regular basis, less hunters more gold! 
I never worry about what I could be possibly missing out on, as many high end site searchers do.
I worry how I am going to find the time to visit all my favorite lesser hunted sites, places that often hold just as much high end jewelry. 


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