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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Chasing other beach hunters

A couple of blog comments I received this week are related to chasing down other beach hunters and here are my thoughts on trying to track down the competition. 
It may surprise you to know that I never waste any time chasing other people down, as many beach or water hunters do in heavily hunted areas.
In my opinion, the less you know about who is finding what and where the better.
I am fond of saying everyone knows everyone in beach hunting, as news of good beach finds travels far and fast on the internet.
If you heard that I found jewelry or coins at a certain area, you can bet your last dollar that information is bogus as I never tell anyone where I find the good stuff.
Second hand information about beach finds is almost as useless as second hand beach reports.
In both cases, if you base your beach hunting plans on them you are already playing catch up searching for sloppy seconds.
Nothing beats going out and finding your own sites, learning how to read those sites and reaping the rewards of leading from the front. 
When a beach hunter removes a good find from a site, its gone and it is highly doubtful you will detect anything as good as that initial find in the same area for a while.
I wish I had a dollar for every time I met a person metal detecting who told they were only searching an area because they heard a person had found something good there.
The stranger usually tells me what was found, when it was found and the person who found it. 
I would be even more rolling in cash if I had a dollar for every email I receive from generous strangers showing me photos of jewelry they heard was found at this or that place.
There is absolutely no chance I am going to waste my precious beach hunting time chasing other people at the beach.
I believe you will find more gold following other people metal detecting at the beach, than chasing other people metal detecting at the beach.
If you heard about the location of a good find, you can be sure every other beach hunter in your area has heard about the same find. 
Do you want to chase with the pack, or be the lead dog at the beach? 

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