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Sunday, June 5, 2016

The beach hunting comfort zone

Everyone wants to use the best metal detector or search coil for beach hunting, but a basic fact of beach hunting life is it is hard to beat equipment you have already become comfortable using. 
Occasionally, I will pony up some hard earned wonga for a metal detector or search coil I believe will give me an edge at the beach, although it rarely works out. 
There is something to be said about using equipment you trust and enjoy using, over new equipment you hope lives up to the hype. 
This year I bought and tried a metal detector that came with a lot of hype, but it just did not impress me and was not an upgrade over anything I already use.
It was a good beach hunting equipment lesson learned, nice to compare and try different things and comforting to know I am not missing out on anything.
I will not get into brand specifics or negatives, as the metal detector I tried may be fantastic for something other than beach hunting.  
In my opinion, experience and comfort using a metal detector you really like is the key to beach or water hunting success.
An experienced beach hunter in the comfort zone, can and should kick butt no matter what equipment they use, but especially if they have been using the same equipment a long time.
Todays blog is a reaction to questions I received last week from two experienced detectorists taking new equipment on detecting vacations.
My response was don't do it, take equipment you are comfortable using because a potentially good metal detecting situation is not the time to take chances with equipment you are unfamiliar with. 
My wife always comes out with the best response to new detecting equipment I mull over buying, reeling off a long list of trophy finds and "What were you using when you found it." 
Of course my answer to everything on the list is always the same, a metal detector with a regular size search coil that I know like the back of my hand.
There really is a lot to be said about being in the comfort zone with your favorite beach hunting equipment. 

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