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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Where and how questions

After recovering the diamond encrusted monster Versace pendant this weekend, my inbox was full of "Where and how did you find it" questions.
I will answer a couple of important "How" questions, but obviously not the exact location as the place has been very good to me over the years.
There are two very good reasons why this diamond encrusted 1.7 ounce designer platinum and 18K gold pendant ended up in my scoop basket, recon and site selection.  Oh and there are two pieces of gold in this photo, but I can see why the 10K ladies ring may be overlooked. 

I refer to this area as a "Condo canyon" a mile stretch of beach road with nothing but condos and no public beach parking for perhaps a mile more in each direction.
This stretch of beach is seldom searched by others, it has probably been 5 years since I have seen anyone with a metal detector in the area.
Compare that to the 22 people I saw the previous week searching along a 1.5 mile stretch of tourist beach on a Monday morning!
Simple jewelry hunting math formula of less beach and water hunters, more platinum, gold and silver jewelry for you.
Another reason I recovered this chunk of good stuff is I scouted out the location during the week while working in the area.
I also did not wait until two hours before low tide to do my beach recon, the magical jewelry hunting time passed around by experts on beach and water hunting forums. 
I was more interested where people hung out in small groups inside the water and on the beach at high tide.
Heres why, if you go to the beach at low tide there is a good chance you will not search the busiest areas of the beach.
Instead, you will probably search areas at low tide where no people have been standing or sitting in groups.
Common jewelry hunting sense, learn how to read the people using the beach and where they are more likely to lose jewelry.
Location, location, location, does not always mean searching the beach opposite high end hotels, you can recover expensive bling in the most unexpected areas.
Some of my beach jewelry finds have come from areas I rarely see other beach hunters, at beaches I bothered to go check out.
It is so easy to fall into the beach  hunting trap of only going to the most popular and crowded beach, but unfortunately everyone else has the same idea and you may find yourself going home empty handed.
I look at beaches opposite large condominiums or gated communities as reliable sources of jewelry.
Other beach hunters probably pass these type of areas without batting an eyelid, in their haste to get to the sexy place everyone else hunts.
In my opinion, jewelry hunting fortune favors the person who is willing to go against the grain at the beach. 

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